Spier My Way

Wine has to definitely be one of my favorite beverages for both cooking and dining, there’s something about good wine that makes you happy and leaves you feeling good.


Established in 1962 Spier wine is one of the oldest wine farms in the country. It is home to 21 Cape Dutch gables – more than any other wine farm in the Cape – and has the oldest dated wine cellar in the country (1767).


The new, refreshed Creative Block packaging is inspired by the age-old craft of letterpress. The simple, modern and bold design is true to the craft and passion that goes into each of these award-winning blends.

Named and inspired by the Spier Arts Academy project, our winemakers combine grapes from different vineyard blocks to curate unique tastes – always so much more than the sum of their parts.

One of m favorites has to be the Secret Sparkling. A Prosecco-like bubbly named after their annual Spier Secret Festival. By Jacques Erasmus, senior white winemaker and winner of the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year Award 2014, Secret goes pops like a soda bottle. A berry basket of flavours, this crisp, sparkling blend reveals strawberry and raspberry aromas and a rich, honeyed palate. Ideal as an apéritif, or paired with strawberry sorbet.



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